Friday October 20th 2017

“The Fox On The Fairway”

foxHighly Recommended**** Recently, I wrote about the good old days of the farce and stages such as Shady Lane Farm Playhouse and The Forum. I remarked how I missed these farcical shows that took us away from the maddening world and allowed us to be stress free for two hours. Well, for those of you who enjoy laughing and need that escape, you are only a short drive away- Bill Pullinsi, who gave us a ton of laughs at The Forum Theater, brings us , at his Theatre At The Center in Munster, the hilarious “The Fox on the Fairway”, a new fun-filled play written by Ken Ludwig ( who brought us “Lend Me A Tenor”,”Moon Over Buffalo” and “Crazy for You”). Over the years, many have called Pullinsi the “master of the farce” as he understands solid comic timing an dthe importance of the humor contained within. A director who has brought Chicagoland audiences many great memories, when it comes to the farce, he is more like an artist painting a masterpiece. Each actor is taught to do everythng in a larger than life way so that the audience misses nothing. This is important as all the little bits contained within the story all come to conclusion at the very end, making everything clear.

The “Fox” is a zany look at love, life, and of course, golf. It takes place at a fancy, private country club( an astonishing set by Ann Davis) where each year a tournament is held with their rival club and this particular year there is more at stake than just the trophy. The cast of this funny show is composed of  six actors who for the most part are known for more than comedy. In fact, Lance baker who plays the role of the Bingham, the director of the country club is knows for his splendid drama performances as well as his work at Shakespeare theater, so seeing his keen sense of comic timing is truly a treat and shows just how talented he is. His competitor,Dickie Bell is handled by Norm Boucher, a proven comic and the third man in the show is the incredible “triple threat plus” Michael Mahler as Justin, the young golfer who will save the day for Bingham. Or will he?                                                                                 fox1

The three females are a strong a sthe men ; Kate Bergeron as young Louise, a worker at the club who has been dating Justin, Laura Freeman as Muriel, Bingham’s wife and the incredible Linda Gillum who steals every scene she is in with her sexy character, who is on the board of the club, is ex-wife of  Dickie Bell and as the story progresses, a great deal more. in fact, the story is filled with has mistaken identities, over the top romance, lots of chasing and silly situations ( mindful of The Marx Brothers, for those of you who can remember them, and other zany comedies. If you don’t laugh during these two hours, you need to make an appointment with your physician.

Yes, it is filled with silly situations, but like all good farces, all of the antics have a reason for being there and in the end, everyone is happy and with the right party. A special note; when the play ends and the actors take their bows, do not leave the theater, because it ain’t over. This zany cast of characters does a remix, allowing you to see a three minute version of the show that is simply hysterical and leaves you walking to your car with a huge smile on your face and a very warm feeling in your heart! Do not miss this by being in a rush to get out of the parking lot- enjoy every minute that Ludwig, Pullinsi and these actors have put before you.fox2

What makes this production complete is the technical aspect which is as solid as the direction and acting- Brenda Winstead’s costumes are amazing ( the gold sweaters are a hoot and the ladies evening attire very sensual), Denise Karczewski’s lighting is beautiful,Barry G.  Funderburg’s sound both onstage and off is perfection and Lauren Earnhaw has found props that make it all fitting. Nicole Miller’s choreography is ideal and the fight and violence ( just a word, no actual violence takes place) by R & D Choreography is very real. When it comes to farce, every detail has to be timed just right. This production is not just right, it is perfect!

“The Fox” will continue at Theatre at the Center through March 24th with performances as follows:

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2 p.m., Fridays at 8 p.m.,Saturdays at 2:30 or 4 p.m. ( depending on dates) and evenings at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2:30 p.m.

Tickets range from  $38-$42 which is a true bargain for entertainment of this caliber and can be purchased by calling the box office at 219-836-3255 or 1-800-511-1552 ( or at the box office which is located at 1040 Ridge Road in Munster ( easy to get to )

Lots of free parking and there are many restaurants in the area. When you get off at 41 Calumet ( from the 94) you will go south about 6 blocks and pass several dining choices.

To see what others say, go back to my home page and click theatre in chicago, when you get there, click review round-up and then click  Fox on The Fairway”                          foxlogo

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  • gene says:

    What a great show it was so funny you can’t stop laugh all the time the actors are on the set and the set was just super looking what talent in the center .

    • Alan Bresloff says:

      That is the beauty of having a solid cast and a director who truly understands the “farce”- pure genius. Tell your firends. There are other shows like this and in our “times” we need more of this laughter

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