Monday October 24th 2016

“Tommy Guns Garage”

tommyguns Theater is a chance to escape from reality. While I know that the audience interactive show “Tommy Guns Garage” has been around for some time, 24 years to be exact, I decided that it is about time that my readers were made aware of this rip-roaring 1920’s dinner show on “Da Sout Side”! The location of this “garage” is 2114 South Wabash Avenue and they have their own parking lot, so it is an easy entrance (and get-away). When you make your reservation, you will get a password for entry. Remember it, so you can get in with less hassle. You are greeted at the door by some rough looking men and when you get inside the “garage” you will meet Vito, the Emcee for the evenings festivities. You are taken to your table by a host or hostess and as you walk down the hall to the dining area, you will see some newspaper headlines and photos from the era. We noticed that many of those who came out for the evening were dressed in Roaring 20’s costumes ( I wish I had thought of a visit to Fantasy Costumes first), but despite being dressed in 2000 era garments, Greg, Kim, Jane and I all had a delightful time.

The price of the evening includes the dinner and the show as well as coffee and or soda. “hootch” is an extra item but makes the evening a little more fun. I guess one could classify this more as a show with dinner rather than a dining experience as you would not go there JUST for the meal, although the food was great and the portions special. There are great martinis available along with some mixed drinks that will pop your eyes. Dere are also appeteezers. We enjoyed the Rocco’s Toasted Ravioli (a St. Louis favorite), but found that with our dinner came either a salad or soup, so we could have taken a pass on this “extra”. The dinner choices are Pork Chops ( DELISH), Chicken and Prime Rib. They also had a fish entrée, but no one in our party opted for anything “fishy”. Dinner came with veggies, a baked potato (with sour cream and or butter) and some very freshly baked bread with a touch of garlic. Later on, a dessert was served and refills on coffee.castbycar

While the dinner was tasty and the portions majestic, it was the fun-filled evening that made this memorable. A 1920’s auto was used to take photos in and around before the show, and souvenir pictures were available. The wait staff were more than that. They were singers and dancers bringing us back to the flapper era and yet singing songs from much more current Broadway shows such as “Chicago” and “Guys and Dolls”. Audience members were brought up on the stage to participate in several bits, each one having as much fun as the rest of the audience. We watched them don costumes and play with the cast members, each having a night that they will recall in years to come. Many were out of towners, who will have fonder memories of their visit to Chicago due to the trip to the Roaring 20’s at Tommy Guns! I attend a great deal of theater and several of the members of this mob are people I have seen before in places like Munster , Indiana and Lincolnshire, Illinois. I may have also spied one or two in Oakbrook. Our waitress used the name Lola, but I for one recognized her from her photo in the Palatine Police Department where her name was Dina.

TGG-88All in all, I must say that this evening of entertainment was far more than I had expected- yes, they exceeded my expectations, which explains why they are still filling the house at “Tommy Guns Garage”. Ticket prices range from $60 per person to $75 depending on the performance night. Included are the show, the parking, the dinner and tax and gratuity (although you can add more for the extra special treatment). drinks/Hootch is extra as are appeteezers and for those tax and tip should be added. Remember, these are “actors” just trying to make a living! They sing! They dance! They make us forget about the day that we had and just have a ball! Isn’t that what entertainment is supposed to do? Well, they do it right!

Performances are as follows:tommygun3

Wednesdays 6:30 p.m.

Thursdays  6:30 p.m.

Fridays  7:30 p.m.

Saturdays  6:30 p.m.

Sundays 6 p.m.

To make your  reservations (and get you password) , call 312-225-0273  or 773-RAT-A-TAT (728-2828).


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